Mutual Aid Film

A Media Platform for Social & Environmental Justice

Mutual Aid Film is a creative, educational media platform for social & environmental justice through intercultural collaboration and unity.

A Brief, Personal Reflection on The Journey

This time last year I left Rochester, NY for a hamlet in rural Haiti.

I can't really articulate what it felt like to endure as a stranger in a strange land; however, when I could connect with someone on a deeper level: whether embracing the kindred spirit of an artist in Jacmel, or swapping stories with a new friend from across the world, or sitting with a Buddhist nun, or finally opening up and dancing in the main hut to a drum -- I felt more alive, more grateful for the beauty in life.

But that glowing ember of love was always in the clutches of a charred and loveless creature that taunted and threatened to consume everything that made me whole with the same chiseling fear, "You are nothing. This is out of your control. You're not good enough."

Today, as I work on the business plan for Mutual Aid Film, with the aspiration to establish it as a platform organization for future documentaries, I feel compelled to embrace that charred creature with the fear-chisel and nourish it as only love can. Not to smother it, but to let it speak so that I can listen like an old friend, and document the story that lies there as well.

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